will kagami and adrien break up

Actually, they’re not even funny.” Adrien: “I’m really sorry, Kagami, but this relationship has really been dragon me down.” miraculous ladybug adrigami sorry not sorry that i thought this trash out adrimi i hope kagami dumps adrien for being a pun-loving weeb. Language: English Words: 3,308 Chapters: 2/2 Comments: 51 Kudos: 120 Bookmarks: 9 Hits: 913. Season 2. Cuz heaven forbid Mari do something as "mean"as breaking up with someone. "You listen to me! Boiling with rage, it breaks and it is akumatized in Riposte, and its saber seeks revenge. After Kagami and Luka break up with Adrien and Marinette, they find solace in each other's company and grow closer together. She accepts this but, unlike Luka, she does get akumatized. I need to talk with you. 9 months ago. shouted Adrien. Firstly, we’ve been told that Adrien and Marinette (not worded otherwise as their alter-egos) to become a couple in the future of the show. HE WASN’T EVEN JEALOUS OF LUKA DURING THEIR DOUBLE DATE. Coincidentally, they both get rejected on the same day. But one pair of eyes told her something different. Do this for the world!" Break Up; Ladrien | Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng as Ladybug; Past Child Abuse; Past Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism; Drugs; Songfic; Inspired by Music ; Summary. Ryuuko and Chat Noir do some sparring with their sword and baton on patrol one night. "Adrien, isn't fencing practice here?" I must recommend the duck, it is the chef's specialty tonight." I took Luka, remember?" Halfway though, Kagami breaks up with Adrien while Luka and Marinette are still together. I asked. She turned also, and walked inside class, where she was met with so many eyes, each telling her she was late. While Adrien views Kagami as a friend, who is also from a well off family and understands what it is like to please a high expecting parent. Meanwhile, Kagami confesses to Adrien as well, and Adrien also turns her down. kagami breaks up with adrien; its okay theyre still friends; probably; Summary. Kagami and Adrien meet up for fencing training/lessons and are spending a day together when their families allow it, has lead to her devolving feelings for him. If Adrien wanted to break up with her, she'd make his job easier for him and do it just like her grandfather had taught her – never lose, but if you do – do it with honour and grace. Adrien is comfortable with Marinette, and he likes being with her, but he doesn’t have romantic feelings for her. Enraged, Kagami end up akumatized into Oni-Chan, as she makes it her mission to ensure that Lila is made to renounce Adrien. She had actually escaped, and it was all this girl, Kagami. 571 notes. I want evidence!" Report Save. Kagami gets hostile towards girls who try to gain his affections. I can see her wanting to set up Adrien and Marinette to get Marinette to wake up and admit everything to herself–without thinking of what that means for Kagami or what Adrien might want, since she’s young and just wants to support her girl, but also potentially while thinking of Luka and the fact that Marinette might break his heart if she doesn’t sort hers out. (It would be nice follow up from the quote from lovetheater that's she's afraid of hurting Marinette feeling). Hopefully not a dupe that will be reversed in that same episode like Oblivio). He was too focused on skating with Kagami. Kagami asked. Miraculous Ladybug The 3 friends have fun until Marinette, seeing Adrien and Kagami together, decides to leave them alone, sacrificing her feelings for the one she's always loved. So even though to us, Kagami and Adrien are probably together, in the Miraculous Secrets, they are not yet (and it is not confirmed that Kagami and Adrien are together, it is just assumed). Marinette has had no sleep this past month because she was trying to find you and your mum! Adrien never said he liked Kagami anyways. Chloe was pissed off, she slapped Adrien across the face. She wanted to beat Kagami up. He tries to return the saber, although the fencer tells him to keep it as she had lost. "No! 571 notes Jan 13th, 2020. I also imagine scene after akuma fight when both hero comfort her and she said her reason and their both gasp her and comfort her. Kagami: “Puns are the lowest form of humor. Close. He may of taken Marinette's body and killed Kagami!" Adrien was gobsmacked. Mr Dupain shook his head firmly. Here, she finally breaks down from the pressure after giving up Adrien so he can be with Kagami and accidentally leading Hawk Moth to Master Fu. Kagami isn't upset becouse of break up but she is afraid that (becouse of the relationship with adrien) she lost both of her friends. Both of them naturally fall into a fencing-pattern with their weapons, one that is very familiar to each other, and that's how Kagami learns that her boyfriend is Chat Noir. "You and I both know Luka was there for emotional support. I ended up leaving her, but she took my necklace, making me mortal. Bookmarker's Tags: lukagami ; Public Bookmark * Angel & Demon by Hecate1412 Fandoms: … Video of Adrien & Marinette (+Kagami) | Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored for fans of Miraculous Ladybug. They don’t like Kagami and Adrien together because the fandom is particularly attached to the idea of the love square, and they think Luka is hot. Personally I think it’s stupid that they give Lukanette a pass and then trash on Kagadrien. I want them to die. They were happy together. Kagami needs a break; Summary. When Marinette came to break up with him, Adrien was heartbroken, refusing to leave her and be the target of an akuma. "I would never to that!" 549. Then as a finale, Luka and Marinette break up. Are you ready to have your order taken? A day like this should be spent outside doing something other than training. "No honey, don't you dare defend him!" Besides I wasn't exactly dateless myself. Adrien x Kagami Breakup. Don't trust her! There a demon way stronger that wants to take over Marinette's body. Language: English Words: 1,046 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 4 Kudos: 16 Bookmarks: 2 Hits: 133 "Good evening monsieur and mademoiselle. But if Adrien really liked Kagami, they wouldn't show so much of their private life. I Have Your Wife: Subverted. "How are we going to break Marinette and Adrien up?" "Come on Adrien! The minute you have a shot to kill her, kill her!" But during this time, the Bourgeois anniversary turns sour and the couple gets akumatized. You're breaking up with me because of Marinette Dupain-Cheng?" level 1. I had walked Adrien to his car and told Marinette I'd catch up after. It would be a waste of time if they ended up with different people. Not to mention its been confirmed that Mari and Adrien will end up together. Lukagami is the het ship between Luka Couffaine and Kagami Tsurugi from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. 1. share. He transformed in front of her and Cataclysmed the akuma, as well as revealing that he knew about her identity, and the two hug. Posted by 13 days ago. Marinette helps Adrien and Kagami escape a ceremony organized by the Bourgeois couple for their 20 years of marriage. So you better listen! Show Most Recent Bookmarks; Bookmarked by mozzys_studio. Adrien catches the fencer, who apologizes as he does. So I don't think we need to worry. 2: Adrien is having thoughts of changing targets. So for context, Adrien cheats on Marinette with Kagami (Marinette is pregnant), they break up, she has the child, she gets with Luka, they have ANOTHER child, they see Adrien and Kagami again, and idk what happens after that, cause this is dumb and poorly done- (change flair if needed) Uncategorised. Marinette walked past Adrien and sat down next to Alya. Adrien had unknowingly shown Lila that he has a soft spot for Kagami while Lila's vial a photo of her kissing Adrien that made Kagami think that she is his "girlfriend". Kagami wants nothing more than a break from all the expectations, and Adrien plans to give her just that. (By Jeremy Zag. kagami breaks up with adrien; its okay theyre still friends; probably; Summary. "I'm still trying to come up with an idea. So, finishing with her morning routine, Kagami picked up the phone — miraculously it was still working — and texted Adrien, inviting him for late breakfast to her house. "Oh about that," Lila stopped. Not because I don't like them, i actually really do, but I feel that would be the most impactfull: Marinette chooses Luka to help, Adrien chooses kagami. Sitting in a rich man's car, the notorious vehicle thief Chat Noir dreams of what his life might have been like under different circumstances. An idea that won't fail." Cat Noir flirts with Ladybug. Kagami sighed in response and the waiter, with all the grace of a stomping baby elephant, chose this opportune moment to interrupt them. But her being the heir of the angel and demon's, she became rude and heartless. Ryuuko and Chat Noir do some sparring with their sword and baton on patrol one night. But most of all, she wanted Adrien to break up with Kagami and come to her. "You shouldn't judge Adrien for going out with Kagami, that's up to him. She looked behind her to see that they were actually very far away from the mansion. A mysterious masked fencer is humiliated in a duel against Adrien. 30 Jan 2020. Ladybug and Chat have a hard time trying to de-evilise Kagami, but all of a sudden Luka tells her that he knows what she’s feeling. With Cristina Valenzuela, Bryce Papenbrook, Keith Silverstein, Mela Lee. After school, Adrien claimed to have fencing practice and Alya and Marinette invited me to go to see Kitty Section in the works.

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