Authorize access to the website you want maintained.

EZ WordPress apps run on secure cloud servers. To enable EZ WordPress functions, the software needs to access your site so it can perform automated tasks.

Security Matters

The force driving LMS MEDIA forward since 2012 continues to be security. Underlying the EZ WordPress Method © is a fail-safe system. The idea behind "fail-safe" does not mean that failure is impossible or improbable, but rather that the system's design prevents or mitigates unsafe consequences of the system's failure. The EZ WordPress Method © of fail-safe protection is as unique to WordPress security as the KFC recipe is to fried chicken.

For more info about secure data transmission:
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To get started, a new user with Role "Administrator" needs to be setup on the site you want managed. Once the "New User" account is setup, LMS MEDIA tech support can verify access to the site.

Copy and paste EZ WordPress info below to Add New User on Your WordPress site.

Username: webmaster
First Name: Tech
Last Name: Support
Send User Notification: Check
Role: Administrator
See screenshot below...


* Make sure Send User Notification box is selected
* Make sure role is set to Administrator
* Use Contact page to get help.

When access to your WordPress site is verified, tech support will send you an email with instructions for logging into EZ WordPress Members area.