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The worst squid wounds are on the level of a pin-prick and the most significant casualty is usually pride – in this case, heartlessly laughing at the injured party is completely within bounds. If the dock or float is lighted above at night, so much the better as it attracts the bait and then the squid chasing the bait. Suspending a prawn type squid jig under a float also works exceptionally well at times. The squid chase small bait like spike mackerel or herring so any river that supports small fry like that is good. Instead of striking the angler should quickly but smoothly raise the rod and reel in quickly. Usually they will let go and attack the squid jig immediately, resulting in a burst of ink and fresh squid rings for dinner! The lower reaches are probably your best bet. However, if the water is very still it may be necessary to reel the float in a few turns every so often to impart some movement into the jig. Up north I have seen small schools of squid move with the tide past jetties, and if you are quick enough you can snare several before they move on. They use their long, sucker-covered feeder tentacles (sometimes called “candles”) to capture prey, drawing it towards their mouth. Try to keep your squid in the water until the net is under it. Learn all this and more in our How to Catch Squid guide. Want to know which squid jig colour works best in low light or how to make sure you get tender squid every time? My best catch out of the river was eleven big squid between a mate and myself from the shallows at Claremont. We catch our biggest and best examples in the Bay of Islands from August through to Christmas, at that time of year when the local water temperatures are coldest. Those who are relegated to fishing from shore can have some exciting times, but may likely be frustrated when it comes to accessing certain points. Fair point, smartypants. Fishing from the rocks is dangerous. the commercial boys … Squid can be surprisingly picky, so make sure to have squid jigs in a few different sizes and colors. When a squid grabs a hold of the jig the rod bends over or the handline starts spinning and bouncing on the deck, the squid is then brought to the boat with a very steady retrieve so as to not break off the tentacles. I haven’t mentioned using squid for bait, as freshly caught squid are just too good on the plate in my opinion, so using one for bait is just not an option for me. For most people, squid are a much welcomed by-catch; something you didn’t really venture out to target but happened to pick up whilst chasing other species. Another popular method used to catch squid, especially the bigger, more weary individuals is to carry one of the spike squid jigs, the metal ones used to skewer a fish on as bait. A European squid with a small bream caught in its arms. In this situation, you can catch them from a … it is made to 'move' across the sea-bed, preferably a sandy one, thereby provoking the attack of the octopus. I like jetties that have broken sand and seagrass nearby, as this is prime squid country. Jetties are easy to fish from and both rod and handline can be used to flick a squid jig around to see if there are any takers. Be sure to keep your hands away from the pointy bit! They return to Melbourne where Paul ‘Kuma’ Carter takes us through the Japanese technique of targeting squid. The author’s first squid was a lucky catch with a loose drag. Squid Fishing - where and how to catch them Cool weather cephalopods . Fishing two squid jigs is a good way to find out what the squid are hitting. This is generally done from places such as piers, breakwaters, harbour walls and jetties which offer a good depth of water to cast into. Squid is also delicious to eat with squid coated in breadcrumbs and shallow fried being particularly nice. Cuttlefish caught on a squid jig. Take a look at our Swan River Jetty profiles to find the best places to catch squid on the Swan. The Talk Sea Fishing guide on whiting fishing, looking at all of the techniques to catch whiting from shore and boat with bait and lures. From beaches these creatures are rarely seen, but I have seen them and caught them with the sand under my toes at times so always be prepared. How to catch cod. Second, locate the small-boat squid fleet. I Love Fishing recommends anglers fish from the beach or a jetty instead. If you suspect that there are squid about just check out a few jetties to see if there are any ink stains from other anglers in the know.

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