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The #1 Favorite Maintenance Solution For WordPress Users

Because you get an EZ WordPress bundle of daily updates, security, backup and support services all for less than $1-a-day!

EZ WordPress Updates

WP Updates

You need a WordPress update strategy because neglecting updates means your site may not work right or become vulnerable to attack.

EZ WP Security

WP Security

A cyber security patrol works best when done regularly. Don't worry. Leave this tech task to us because it's included in our $1 a day service.

EZ WP Backups

WP Backups

Protect your website with automated backup and fail-safe recovery. It's not what we do, but how we do it that makes a big difference.

EZ WP Fixes

EZ Support

We're ready when you need a little extra technical or WordPress help. EZ WordPress Maintenance setting changes are done fast and free.

We Make WordPress Maintenance as Easy For You as 1 - 2 - 3

Because after everything is set up you never have to lift a finger to do those pesky, frustrating, time sucking tasks again.


EZ WordPress
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• keep your WP site current, safe and reliable

• get your unique fail-safe recovery system

• increase time for more valuable activity

• unlock new ways to scale your work

• reduce cost of maintenance

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Here's What People are Saying

Elaine Weidner

I manage a WordPress website. I am one of those folks who cringe at the sight of the little red software reminder updates. I should be careful what I install. I found out some updates will not be compatible and will interfere with other updates. I also had abysmal site security. I wasn’t so concerned about this until I started doing more research about the risks. And backups were a hassle. I found them confusing and I wasn’t always sure that I was doing it right. Then, I discovered EZ WordPress and now I don’t worry about any of this stuff. I can concentrate on my business and forget about maintenance. I'm relieved to know pro IT people now manage my site for less than I could do it myself. It provides such great peace of mind and saves me BIG time!

Elaine Weidner - Victoria, BC

Charlie Turner

I run a very lean enterprise. EZ WordPress is a key part of my team. AmFor Media depends upon a core team who are involved in many different projects, plus a constantly changing mix of offsite talent working on specific aspects of individual projects. I consider EZ WordPress part of our core. With their expertise, particularly in keeping our sites current and secure, I know that I don't have to worry about the backend of our production. EZ WordPress solved problems and keeps our sites running.

Charlie Turner - Toledo, Ohio

Our clients are fussy. So are we!

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