Discover 3 Ways To Make WordPress Maintenance As Easy As 1-2-3.

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If you use WordPress...

then you know how convenient it is to make a website. You put everything together once, keep your content updated, and sit back – right? Sort of. WordPress is an incredibly helpful tool, without a doubt.

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But for those of us...

who are busy keeping up with our projects, we want to leave all of the tech-related work to the experts. That way you know nothing is done wrong, nothing is overlooked, and everything is kept up-to-date.

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With EZ WordPress...

you can set up your WordPress website and forget about it! The easy-to-use, intuitive service takes care of all your WP Software Updates, WP Website Security, WP Backups and set up a fail-safe recovery location.

What We Do

Our team...

of entrepreneurs, web designers, and developers have been hard at work collaborating on their vision for the ideal WordPress management tool, and EZ WordPress is the result.

To put it simply...

we do all the maintenance for you. Think of your WordPress site as if it were a car: you are the driver, and EZ WordPress is the mechanic. Everything that goes on under the hood, you never need to worry about. From the simple upgrades to the critical bug fixes, we have you covered. From there, you can get involved as much or as little as you want. Free up your time for more creative, more productive endeavors.

EZ WordPress features...

include updating current plug-ins (eliminating those annoying red update reminders), and access to the latest security responses, keeping you immune to cyber attacks both known and emerging. Plus, we give you a chance to relax, providing you with the knowledge that your site is backed up just in case anything were ever to happen.

We check all...

clients’ websites on a daily basis, taking care of things as they come up. We make it as easy for you as 1-2-3. That’s right: once you sign up, you seldom need to reach out and request our services.

EZ WordPress is the straight-forward, uncomplicated backend that you've dreamed of.

With us you'll watch your productivity increase many times.

What You Get

We offer IT services for WordPress users like you starting with:

LMS MEDIA sp-updates


You need an Update strategy so your site always has current versions of themes and plugins. WordPress automatically updates core software to patch known bugs for better performance and security. Neglecting updates means your site may not work right or become vulnerable to attack.

LMS MEDIA sp-security


You need a Security strategy to keep your site protected from cyber attack. Website security plugins, which we install, protect your site. It takes time to setup, track updates and make changes when needed... so, best to start this process as soon as possible.



You need a Backup strategy so you can sleep every night and not worry that your site may be wiped out when you wake up. Recovering from failure is one of the most costly events that can ever happen to your website. We do a redundant full site backup so you have a fail-safe recovery strategy.

Elaine Weidner

I manage a WordPress website. I am one of those folks who cringe at the sight of the little red software reminder updates. I should be careful what I install. I found out some updates will not be compatible and will interfere with other updates. I also had abysmal site security. I wasn’t so concerned about this until I started doing more research about the risks. And backups were a hassle. I found them confusing and I wasn’t always sure that I was doing it right. Then, I discovered EZ WordPress and now I don’t worry about any of this stuff. I can concentrate on my business and forget about maintenance. I'm relieved to know pro IT people now manage my site for less than I could do it myself. It provides such great peace of mind and saves me BIG time!

Elaine Weidner - Victoria, British Columbia

Charlie Turner

I run a very lean enterprise. EZ WordPress is a key part of my team. AmFor Media depends upon a core team who are involved in many different projects, plus a constantly changing mix of offsite talent working on specific aspects of individual projects. I consider EZ WordPress part of our core. With their expertise, particularly in keeping our sites current and secure, I know that I don't have to worry about the backend of our production. EZ WordPress solved problems and keeps our sites running.

Charlie Turner - Toledo, Ohio

We Make WordPress Maintenance as Easy For You as 1 - 2 - 3

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You're a WordPress user who wants the best IT experience money can buy. You get Software Updates, Website Security, Strategic Backups and fail-safe recovery options. Get all 3 service advantages for less than $1-a-day.

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