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Invest in your WordPress, not maintenance.

LMS MEDIA-Managed EZ WordPress specializes in eliminating the hidden costs of maintenance - updates, security, backups and custom site management tasks - so your team can stay focused on building and marketing an awesome WordPress site.

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I manage a WordPress website. I am one of those folks who cringe at the sight of the little red software reminder updates. I found out some updates interfere with other updates. I wasn’t so concerned about security until I found out more about the risks. And backups were a hassle. Then, I discovered EZ WordPress and now I don’t worry about any of this stuff. I can concentrate on my business and forget about maintenance. I'm relieved to know pro IT people now manage my site for less than I could do it myself. It provides such great peace of mind!

Elaine Weidner, http://unstuffyourlife.ca

Charlie Turner

I run a very lean enterprise. EZ WordPress is a key part of my team. AmFor Media depends upon a core team who are involved in many different projects, plus a constantly changing mix of offsite talent working on specific aspects of individual projects. I consider EZ WordPress part of our core. With their expertise, particularly in keeping our sites current and secure, I know that I don't have to worry about the backend of our production. EZ WordPress solved problems and keeps our sites running.

Charlie Turner, https://www.metromarketer.biz

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Make WordPress Maintenance as Easy For You as 1-2-3

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EZ WordPress Updates

WP Updates

WP Software needs regular updates so you can get the best possible security and function. Otherwise, the risk of getting hacked or your software failing grows every day it's not done.
Why Update? Find out...

EZ WP Security

WP Security

WP Security software is also the target of cyber attacks. If your WP security plugin breaks, your whole site becomes vulnerable while its unprotected.
Discover the Importance of Security.

EZ WP Backups

WP Backups

WP Backups can save your valuable work from unfortunate loss. But if your backup fails then you need to pay for expensive recovery or even worse, you have to start all over again.
Why hire Backup as a service.

EZ WordPress Works with...

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