One time charge billed by invoice.

Before Inspection Backup to WP Server
Malware Scan
Security Check
Plugin Check
Theme Check
Fix minor issues to enable EZ WP
Update Software
9 Point Database Maintenance
After Inspection Backup to WP Server
+ Some issues may incur additional costs

Get Your WP Inspected

Inspection needs secure access to your WordPress to enable EZ WordPress software to work. To get started, a new user with Role "Administrator" needs to be setup on the site you want managed. Once the "New User" account is setup, LMS MEDIA tech support can verify access to your site for inspection.

Username: webmeister
Email: mediamanaged@protonmail.com
First Name: Tech
Last Name: Support
Send User Notification: Check
Role: Administrator


* Make sure Send User Notification box is selected
* Make sure role is set to Administrator
* Use Contact page to get help.