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EZ WordPress maintains your site software, plugins, security and backups. You get more time because we do the maintenance for you. You can also get support specific to your site development plan.

The first step is to allow access to the WordPress site you want maintained. Our tech support will verify access is available. Your site gets checked to see if it's in good working condition.

EZ WordPress automates maintenance. It makes your site more reliable, secure and cost effective. Maintenance time savings when diverted to site development can create growth hacks in the following ways:

  • proven to reduce maintenance costs as close to free as it gets
  • transfer time savings to develop your site and get higher ROI
  • leverage development with low or no cost financing, and
  • when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts you get to experience EZ WordPress Growth Hack.

Guaranteed to Save Time and Money Perfecting WordPress

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