Learn About EZ WordPress Updates, Security, and Backup as a Service.

EZ WordPress saves time so you can develop competitive advantages.

Attention WordPress Users:
Do you have any of these common WordPress site issues?

too many plugin and theme updates competing for your time,

confusion about securing your WordPress site from hackers,

uncertainty whether backup or restore settings will work,

and frustrating web searches to solve unexpected issues.

EZ WordPress gets rid of frustration

You need EZ WordPress to secure your site and avoid losing time because...

Cyber Trends

The last 10 years of WordPress core updates looks like this:


WordPress updates core software by adding new features, fixing bugs, and patching vulnerabilities. It takes time and effort for WordPress users to keep their websites up-to-date. But it’s crucial that they do.

The same last 10 years, Malware growth looks like this:


Continuing growth of Malware increases demand for more frequent software updates. In response to these trends, EZ WordPress provides extraordinary time saving service bundles.

EZ WordPress

A Holistic Way to Reduce Effects of Cyber Threats on Your WordPress Website.

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Cyber threats and attacks are growing. Because of this, the rate for software fixes increases the number of updates required.

WordPress software is free, but it still takes time to learn, keep up-to-date and stay secure. If updates are not done right (and frequently), recovery costs can get way out of control - fast.

The difference in time between theme and plugin security fixes creates attack windows,

The vulnerability windows stay open until updates are applied,

While the window is open there is no guarantee your WP site won't get hacked,

This means your site is vulnerable while waiting for updates,

So, a vicious cycle of "threat and protect" continues to steal your time and attention.

Here's What Clients are Saying...

I manage a WordPress website. I am one of those folks who cringe at the sight of the little red software reminder updates. It didn't take long for me to find out some updates interfere with other updates. Until I found out more about the risks, I wasn’t so concerned about security. And backups were a hassle. Then, I discovered EZ WordPress and now I don’t worry about any of this stuff. I can concentrate on my business and forget about maintenance. I'm relieved to know pro IT people now manage my site for less than I could do it myself. It provides such great peace of mind!

Elaine Weidner, http://unstuffyourlife.ca

Charlie Turner
I run a very lean enterprise. EZ WordPress is a key part of my team. AmFor Media depends upon a core team who are involved in many different projects, plus a constantly changing mix of offsite talent working on specific aspects of individual projects. I consider EZ WordPress part of our core. With their expertise, particularly in keeping our sites current and secure, I know that I don't have to worry about the backend of our production. EZ WordPress solved problems and keeps our sites running.

Charlie Turner, https://www.metromarketer.biz

EZ WordPress Works with...


Updates, Security, Backups and much more!

Basic service includes...

EZ WordPress Maintenance

Auto Scan WP software for updates
Update WP software as needed
Auto scan to detect security changes
Patch vulnerabilities to protect WordPress
Backup before updates
Scheduled on site backups
Restore backup if needed
Access agency enterprise apps
Group discount development promos
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